Pallet Rack Wire Decking

  • Heavy-duty waterfall mesh deck made from 6-gauge wire
  • Features 14-gauge steel channels for support
  • Holds up to 3,000 lbs depending on the decking panel size
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SKU: Pallet Wire Decking


Add wire decking to your pallet rack levels to allow storage for items not shelved directly with a pallet. Wire decking is the standard for warehouses looking for safe, durable storage as well as ease of installation. This decking meets all fire and safety regulations. The open wire design allows for better air flow and deters dust build up. Ideal for a warehouse or facility with items where ventilation is a concern. The pallet rack wire shelving also allows more sprinkler access through the shelves from top to bottom. Wire mesh decking for pallet racking installs easily with no hardware.

Lyon’s heavy-duty waterfall mesh decks feature a 2-1/2″ x 4″ 6-gauge wire mesh. Our pallet wire decking has 14-gauge steel channels which also help minimize beam rotation when supporting heavy loads. This will maintain both the rigidity and stability of the pallet storage racks. Both the waterfall edge and the steel channels will help keep the wire decking from shifting around while loading and unloading. The channels help to increase the strength of the wire decking. Depending on the size of wire pallet rack decking, it can hold between 2,500 and 3,500 lbs per panel. Available in frost gray finish.

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Quantity per Package 1 Wire Decking Panel
How to Order Wire Decking for Pallet Rack
96" Beams use (2) 46" Wide Panels
108" Beams use (2) 52" Wide Panels
120" Beams use (2) 58" Wide Panels
144" Beams use (3) 46" Wide Panels


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Item Width Depth Capacity
FFWD4642H 46″ 42″ 3,500 lbs
FFWD5242H 52″ 42″ 3,500 lbs
FFWD5842L 58″ 42″ 3,000 lbs
FFWD4648H 46″ 48″ 3,000 lbs
FFWD5248L 52″ 48″ 2,500 lbs
FFWD5848L 58″ 48″ 3,000 lbs