Plastic Shelf Bins – Multipack

  • Durable plastic will hold up to everyday use
  • Great for organizing small items
  • Polypropylene bins are impervious to moisture, grease, and oils
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Maximize your organization with plastic shelf bins from Lyon! We offer these bins with several width and depth options so you’ll be sure to find just the right bins for your shelves. Combining your steel shelving with plastic bins helps keep your storage organized while also improving the time it takes to find items. These 4-inch-high bins keep your small parts from getting lost or misplaced.

Features of Lyon’s Plastic Shelf Bins

Our durable, one-piece molded polypropylene shelf bins are impervious to moisture as well as grease and oils! These tough plastic shelf storage bins feature a flanged back. When pulled forward, the flange catches onto the above shelf which allows the bin to hang at an angle. Hanging the bin on an angle provides hands free access to the entire container. The reinforced sides and bottom provide extra strength for long-term service. Help others to keep parts organized when you use the molded-in label holder on the front of each plastic shelf bin. Easily slide a label in each 3″ x 3/4″ label holder. Several slots molded into the sides allow the plastic shelf bins to accept up to seven Dividers (sold separately). Keep your smallest parts organized by adding Plastic Bin Cups (sold separately) to your 4-1/8-inch-wide bins.

For a perfect fit, select a shelf bin to match the depth of your shelving unit. Lyon offers these bins in 12-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch deep. Designed for our most popular 36-inch wide shelving, you can comfortably fit up to four, five, or eight bins side by side depending on the width of the plastic shelf bins. View our Sizes and Package Quantity tab for exact sizes and quantities. Save even more space in your warehouse by nesting several of the boxes together when not in use.

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Overall Dimensions 4"h
Includes 3" x 3/4" Front Label Holder
Slotted to Accept Dividers (sold separately)


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Item Qty per Pack Outside Dimensions Inside Dimensions 36″ Wide Shelf Fits:
NF53124 24 Bins 4-1/8″w x 12″d x 4″h 3-5/8″w x 10-3/8″d 8 Bins
NF53126 12 Bins 6-5/8″w x 12″d x 4″h 6-1/8″w x 10-3/8″d 5 Bins
NF53128 12 Bins 8-1/4″w x 12″d x 4″h 7-3/4″w x 10-3/8″d 4 Bins
NF53184 12 Bins 4-1/8″w x 18″d x 4″h 3-5/8″w x 16-3/4″d 8 Bins
NF53186 12 Bins 6-5/8″w x 18″d x 4″h 6-1/8″w x 16-3/4″d 5 Bins
NF53188 12 Bins 8-1/4″w x 18″d x 4″h 7-3/4″w x 16-3/4″d 4 Bins
NF53246 6 Bins 6-5/8″w x 24″d x 4″h 6-1/8″w x 22-3/8″d 5 Bins