Bench Height Modular Drawer Cabinets 33-1/4"H

Bench Height Modular Drawer Cabinets 33-1/4"H

Lyon is your number one source for bench height modular drawer cabinets. This steel drawer cabinet is the high density tool storage solution you’ve been looking for. These cabinets reduce your storage footprint by as much as 50%! You can choose from many types of options to provide a safe and secure storage of your valuable products. Neat and organized storage improves your efficiency as well as inventory control.

Features of Bench Height Modular Drawer Cabinets

This parts cabinet with drawers include a rugged, reinforced cabinet bottom. All of the metal storage drawers fully extend for 100% visibility. Each drawer also holds up to 400 lbs of parts and pieces. The wide base opening below the cabinet provides easy access for a forklift. The included base closure panels cover the opening when not in use. Each cabinet is 33-1/4″ high with 5 widths to choose from. You’ll be sure to find the right modular drawer cabinet for your needs.

Bench height modular drawer handles have removable labels and shields. Clearly label what is in each drawer. For extra security, a standard lock is available to lock all of the drawers at one time. Both multiple as well as single drawer access options are available. The multiple drawer access allows all drawers to be open at one time while single drawer access permits only one drawer to open.

The included drawer layout kits also allow you to divide the drawers into smaller compartments. The fixed partitions include slots to hold the dividers. The dividers can easily be moved to create the perfect space for your items. The top of the cabinet has knock-out holes for stacking. Easily add either an overhead cabinet or stack another bench height modular drawer cabinet on top.

You can choose from 7 color options for your cabinet. You can even pick two colors, one for the cabinet and one for the drawers. The powder coat paint finish will help protect your cabinet from everyday use. Lyon makes bench height modular drawer cabinets in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Lyon offers a large selection of accessories online.

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