36 Inch Wide Cabinets

Lyon carries a big selection of 36-inch-wide cabinets so you can find one to fit your needs. We stock several 36″ wide cabinets with doors. Lyon makes these metal 36″ wide storage cabinets in different heights and layouts. Our combination cabinets are ideal for use as either utility cabinets or janitorial cabinets. Our visible cabinets will allow you to quickly check your stock without even opening the doors. You can also get 36″ wide cabinets with doors and plastic bins.

All-Welded Industrial Metal Storage Cabinets

We make these heavy-duty all-welded steel 36 inch wide cabinets from 14-gauge steel. The shelves adjust on 3-inch centers. Each shelf can hold up to 1,450 lbs. The door hinges are welded to each door. The rugged handle includes a padlock hasp so you can secure the cabinet. The 4-inch-high welded on legs allow room for a forklift so you can move it around easily. Lyon makes our all-welded 36-inch-wide cabinet with doors in the USA. View more Industrial Metal Storage Cabinets.

Metal Office Storage Cabinets

Lyon’s 1000 series cabinets are economical while still having a modern style. These metal office storage cabinets feature durable steel construction with rounded front corners. You can store up to 180 lbs on the shelves. The shelves can be adjusted on 2-inch centers. These 36-inch-wide storage cabinets also include a “Quiet Door” feature to reduce noise. View more Metal Office Storage Cabinets.

Clearview and Visible Cabinets

Our visible steel cabinets include either Lexan inserts or plexiglass inserts in the metal doors. All doors include a latching handle that can be locked. View more Clearview And Visible Cabinets.