All-Welded 48″w x 24″d x 82″h Steel Clearview Safety Center Cabinet

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All-Welded 48″w x 24″d x 82″h Steel Clearview Safety Center Cabinet


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Made in the USA


The 741120SC safety center cabinet is a 48-inch-wide cabinet with doors that is perfect for your storage needs. These heavy-duty safety supply cabinets are ideal for either your warehouse or manufacturing facility. Our heavy-duty welded 14-gauge cabinets are the toughest cabinets we make. They will stand up to harsh use. Lyon clearview cabinets let you quickly evaluate safety supplies without opening the doors. See what each cabinet holds without having to open it. Because we designed these to hold so much, the uses for these rugged clearview storage cabinets is endless. When you need a heavy-duty cabinet, settle for nothing less than Lyon.

We construct the all-welded 741120SC safety center cabinet out of 14-gauge steel. Cabinet doors feature 3/16-inch thick Lexan door inserts. The heavy-duty steel doors include three 5/16-inch diameter brass-pin hinges welded to each door. The hinges allow easy opening and closing of doors while also helping maintain door alignment. The doors also feature a secure, 3-point locking system. This locking system includes both a 3/8-inch latch rod and a 3/16-inch latch plate. This will help ensure the doors stay securely closed. The robust cast aluminum handle also includes a 3/8-inch thick hasp. Add your own padlock to secure these heavy-duty welded 14-gauge steel cabinets.

Lyon welds 4-inch-high legs to the base of each heavy-duty steel cabinet. This creates a forklift base under the 741120SC safety center cabinet. Since our heavy-duty safety supply cabinets weigh a lot, this will let you easily move them about either your warehouse or facility. The 4-inch base provides extra toe room below the heavy-duty welded steel cabinet when the doors are open. This will also help raise items on the bottom shelf so you don’t have to reach down as far to grab them.

Adjustable Cabinet Shelves

This 741120SC safety center cabinet includes four 48″w x 24″d heavy-duty steel shelves. These shelves offer you a payload capacity of 1,450 lbs per shelf. Lyon shelves can hold your heaviest items. Store safety supplies such as fire extinguishers or respirators. You can quickly bolt the shelves securely into welded keyhole slots. You can also easily reposition the shelves on 3-inch centers. This lets you easily change up your storage when your needs change.

Lyon stocks the 741120SC safety center cabinet in our Safety Yellow powder coat finish. The powder coat paint finish will help protect your industrial metal storage cabinets from everyday use. We make our industrial storage cabinets in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Lyon ships these industrial metal cabinets set up. All you have to do is put the shelves in where you want them and you are ready to get organized.

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Made in the USA Icongreenguard Certified Product Icon
Overall Dimensions 48"w x 24"d x 82"H
Closure Manual-Closing Doors
Number Of Shelves 4 Full Width Shelves
Capacity 1,450 lbs per Shelf
Includes Clearview Doors
4 Full Width Shelves
Cast Aluminum Handle with Padlock Hasp
4" High Forklift Base


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