Metal Industrial Chair with Backrest

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Metal Industrial Chair with Backrest


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Lyon’s NF2024N metal industrial chair has been designed with comfort in mind. Using ergonomic industrial chairs helps increase productivity. The ergonomically designed padded seat and backrest of these industrial swivel chairs help promote good posture. Lyon ergo industrial seating is perfect for either drafting, repair work, or manufacturing where workers sit for long periods. This 360° swivel chair helps with reaching different areas of a workbench.

The NF2024N metal industrial chair has an overall weight capacity of 300 lbs. The contoured seat of this heavy-duty industrial chair with backrest offers comfort and durability. Being able to adjust to your chair to match your workstation height will also provide you with increased comfort. Lyon’s industrial shop chair features an adjustable seat. Easily adjust the seat height from 17 to 35 inches high using the pneumatic lift. The seat should be high enough so your arms form a 90° angle at the elbow or slightly greater. This allows better circulation in the shoulders as well as neck and reduces fatigue in the forearms and hands.

Adjustable Workbench Chair Backrest

Easily adjust the backrest of the NF2024N metal industrial chair for proper lumbar support. The knob behind the backrest allows you to adjust it until the curve fits into the small of your back and tighten in place. This reduces pressure on the spinal discs. You can also adjust the depth of the backrest. Slide the backrest into position in the curve of your spine. Allowing the surface of the backrest to help support upper body weight helps reduce pressure on the spinal discs.

The NF2024N metal industrial chair is a polyurethane industrial drafting chair. Both the seat and the backrest can be easily wiped clean. Our adjustable workbench chair has a 25-inch-wide five leg tubular steel base. The included commercial seating chair glides help the industrial work chair slide across the floor. This makes it easier to align the chair with your workspace. The 2 level footrest provides proper foot support. You can also increase your comfort by adding Adjustable Armrests.

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Capacity 300 lbs
Seat Material Polyurethane
Seat Height Adjustable 17"h - 35"h
Chair Dimensions Seat - 16"w x 16"d
Backrest - 14-3/4"w x 8"h
Includes Tubular Bottom Steel Base with Glides
25" Wide Five Leg Base
2 Level Footrest
Pneumatic Lift


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