The Benefits of Antimicrobial Lockers

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The Benefits of Antimicrobial Lockers

Unleash the power of silver with Lyon’s antimicrobial powder coat finish! Silver is a natural element that has played an integral role in safeguarding human health for as long as 2,000 years. Learn the benefits of silver ion technology and antimicrobial products.

On a painted surface, microbes can double in number every 20 minutes. Adding the silver ion antimicrobial paint additives help keep products and surfaces cleaner by inhibiting the growth of microbes. Any moisture will trigger the controlled release of powerful silver ions within the paint to provide a superior antimicrobial protection for decades.

The silver ions exchange with ions in the moisture or fluid which results in the controlled delivery of silver ions. Adding antimicrobial products is just one more step you can take to help keep yourself, your employees, and your visitors healthy. Small amounts of silver disrupt bacteria’s metabolism by preventing it from converting nutrients into energy. This inhibits bacteria survival and reproduction as well as colonization.

Lyon antimicrobial medical locker double tier 3 wide with props

Why Use Antimicrobial Products?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that more than two million people will become ill with antibiotic-resistant infections each year. The spread of viral and bacterial infections is much more common than many people realize. The spread of infections such as a virus or the flu occurs through skin-to-skin as well as skin-to-surface contact. By using antimicrobial products you can help to greatly reduce the transfer of surface dwelling germs.

Lyon’s Antimicrobial Healthcare Lockers provide continuous residual protection against the touch transfer of bacteria and germs on the locker surface. Our powder coat finish also protects against the colonization of mold and bacteria in locker corners, seams, and on hidden surfaces behind and under the locker. The smooth fronts of these antimicrobial products offer fewer crevices for germs to hide. The sloping tops also help make overall cleaning easier.


You can request any of our powder coat finishes with antimicrobial protection! Send us a Quote Request and we’ll be happy to assist you with your project.

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