Boltless Rivet Rack Shelving

Our Budget Friendly Light-Duty Option For General Storage Needs

The boltless, easily assembled rivet rack shelving is an economical solution to accommodate a variety of storage needs. These boltless shelving racks allow access to items from all sides. The Lyon rivet rack is a light-duty racking that is ideal for either retail or office use. All boltless storage racks are 84 inches high. Choose from different widths and depths for your perfect storage solution. Lyon has been the racking industry standard for over a century.

Features of Boltless Shelving Racks

Lyon rivet rack beams feature a double rivet design. These double rivet beams drop into slots on uprights to create a sturdy, rigid metal shelving structure. Starter uprights are 14-gauge angle posts for use as stand-alone sections or at the end of two or more sections. Each boltless light-duty storage rack section will include 4 uprights, 2 width beams per level, 2 depth beams per level. Rack sections that are 60 inches or wider also come with center supports. These help the boltless shelving racks maintain both stability and rigidity. In addition, add-on uprights are 14-gauge T-posts for use as intermediate posts in multiple section rows. We offer metal boltless racks with either 3 or 4 levels. Depending on the rack size, it can hold between 650 and 1,000 lbs.

These boltless steel racks are available as either starter or add-on units. You can use starter units as an individual, stand-alone section. Starter units can also be used with add-on units when a longer stretch of boltless metal rack is needed. Lyon stocks these boltless shelving racks in our standard Dove Gray finish. The powder coat paint will help protect your storage racks from everyday use.

Optional Decking

This rivet rack shelving does not come with decking by default. This lets you pick a decking option that best fits your needs. Lyon offers either particle board decking or wire decking for our boltless shelving racks. We pre-cut the particle board so that it will fit your utility rack. This durable 5/8 inch thick industrial grade decking is prefect for use on metal garage racks. The flat wire decking has a galvanized finish. The 2 x 4 wire mesh decking features easy drop in installation. It meets fire code standards for access to rack levels by sprinklers so this decking is great for a stock room for retail.

Buy Rivet Rack Shelving Parts online. We have ties to either lock 2 rows together or to secure a rack to a wall. You can also get foot plates so you can safely anchor your new boltless shelving racks to the floor. You should securely bolt your rivet racks to the floor or wall to prevent tipping over. Looking for other boltless metal racks? Check out Lyon’s full line of Rivet Rack Shelving.