Locker Room Bench Components

Mix and Match a Wood Bench Top with Metal Bench Legs

Lyon offers locker room bench components so you can build your own locker room bench. Start with picking the right sized wood top for your project. Then get locker room bench pedestals made from either steel or aluminum. Depending on your bench length, you will need either 2, 3, or 4 bench legs. We also offer other accessories for your locker room bench such as anchors. Lyon has been the industry standard for locker room benches for over a century.

Wood Bench Tops

Hardwood tops provide a sleek finished look that goes with any locker in any color. These locker room bench components come in lengths of 3 feet all the way up to 10 feet in 1 foot increments. Lyon finishes these tops with 2 coats of acrylic finish. This will help them stand up to everyday use. We also offer ADA locker room bench tops in 2 sizes. Easily find the right size wood bench top for your needs.

Steel Bench Pedestals

The steel bench legs have an overall height of 17-¾ inches. Lyon makes the pedestal base of 14-gauge steel with 1-5/8 inch tubing uprights. We stock our standard finishes for these industrial metal bench legs in either Dove Gray or Putty. These locker room bench legs can come in a powder coat finish to match your lockers. The powder coat will help protect your benches from everyday use. We make these steel bench pedestals in the USA. Do you need a heavy-duty pedestal? Lyon makes a cast iron version of the bench pedestal. Contact Us for more information on this option.

Aluminum Bench Legs

We also make metal bench legs out of aluminum. The aluminum bench pedestals are two pieces of anodized aluminum extrusion 2-¼ inches by ¾ inches formed and unit welded. The base measures 12-5/8 inches wide and 14-5/8 inches high. The aluminum bench legs are light, yet incredibly strong and easy to maintain in almost any environment. The anodized finish won’t chip or peel while still resisting corrosion. These locker room bench components are ideal for use outdoors or other harsh environments.

Trapezoid Bench Pedestals

Lyon makes the trapezoid bench pedestal from ¼-inch by 3-inch aluminum bar stock and also features a black anodized finish. We designed these metal bench seat legs to make a bench movable. These pedestals come with non-skid pads if you plan to use it as a movable bench. The bottoms of these industrial bench legs have holes so you can anchor the bench in a fixed position if you want to. They have a modern look and can easily work with most bench tops.

We also offer some accessories for our locker room bench components. Both anchors and rubber feet are available for our aluminum locker room bench legs. They come in packs to match the proper number of pedestals. If using an aluminum bench in a fixed position, Lyon recommends that you anchor it to the floor. This helps ensure safety when used. Rubber feet will make a bench portable while adding 1 inch to the overall height of the aluminum bench. Do you need new locker room benches and not just metal bench legs? Check out Lyon’s full line of Locker Room Benches.