Storage Cabinets

Lyon offers a full line of metal storage cabinets from industrial to office storage solutions. We also offer safety storage cabinets. With our huge selection, you will find the perfect storage solution. You can lock all of our cabinets for added security. We also powder coat our cabinets. This helps protect them from everyday use. Lyon has been making storage cabinets since 1901. No matter what you need we have got you covered.

Industrial Metal Storage Cabinets

All-welded steel storage cabinets feature heavy-duty 14-gauge shelves. You can adjust them on 3-inch-centers. Our shelves can hold up to 1,450 lbs. They come standard with a rugged handle with a padlock hasp. Cabinet doors have heavy steel pin hinges that are securely welded to the door. Lyon proudly makes their industrial steel cabinets in the USA. These cabinets are great for storing tools or other heavy gear.

We also offer industrial metal storage cabinets with removable plastic bins. They help to increase storage density while speeding up selection. The safety yellow plastic bins easily clip on and off. Bin cabinets are great if you need to organize either parts or hardware. We also have a maintenance center which has both bins and drawers. A Lyon ventilated storage cabinet provides secure, visible storage so you can quickly view stored items. This also helps increase air flow for stored items.

1000 Series Metal Storage Cabinets

We offer a huge selection of office storage cabinets. They are tough and durable but at a low price. Our standard cabinet shelves can hold up to 180 lbs. Commercial storage cabinets have adjustable shelves and locking handles for added security. You can get a wardrobe cabinet with coat rod. The combination cabinet is half wardrobe and half shelf cabinet. Lyon office cabinets also have a visible option. Lyon 1000 series metal storage cabinets are a perfect fit for any office.

Safety Storage Cabinets

We offer our safety storage cabinets in lots of sizes. Find the right one for your needs and space. You can either stack, wall mount, stand them alone or under a counter. Adjust each shelf on ½-inch-centers. Tailor your own unique solution while meeting all the safety requirements. We paint our metal safety storage cabinets yellow to code for what is stored inside. Safety storage cabinets meet both OSHA and NFPA guidelines. We proudly build these cabinets here in the USA.

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