Pallet Racking

One of the common features of any warehouse is the use of a pallet racking system. These are our most heavy-duty storage racks. Pallet racks are designed to have pallets loaded and unloaded using forklifts. They are efficient because you don’t have to manually do any of the loading or unloading. Pick a pallet up off a truck and immediately place it where it belongs on a rack. These storage racks are versatile. Store other bulky items such as furniture or lots of lighter items. Need to store retail items in bulk? These storage racks can be configured to handle almost any storage needs. Lyon has been the racking industry standard for over a century.

Pallet Racking System Features

The roll formed upright provides great strength-to-weight ratio. Minimum sized slots mean more steel per upright. Uprights structures are 100% MIG welded with precision k-braces and heavy-duty cross channel reinforcements for increased strength, rigidity and resistance to abuse. The tapered keyhole slots on 2-inch-centers, let you quickly and easily adjust the beams. There are no dead spots or obstructions in upright posts to impede movement of beam along the entire height. This pallet racking system is available with either front-to-back supports or wire decking.

Lyon warehouse pallet racking has a teardrop design so that they are interchangeable with all major teardrop style products on the market today.  You can upgrade either damaged, weak, or worn out uprights and beams with our versatile rack. No need to change your whole pallet racking system. Our baked on powder epoxy finish is tough and durable while still being smooth. This gives an appliance like finish that is impact and corrosion resistant.

Available in both starter and add-on units. Join add-ons to a starter to create rows of pallet storage racks. As with all our racking, we recommend you anchor these storage racks. They should be both level and plumb to help maximize stability. We offer Pallet Rack Accessories including both decking and impact guards. Lyon makes the pallet racking system in the USA. Looking for other metal storage racks? Check out Lyon’s full line of Storage Racks.

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