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Lyon’s Collaborative Center Lockers

September 15, 2017

Ohio has introduced the North Ridgeville Academic Center, a brand new, state-of-the-art academic center. Instead of traditional classrooms with rows of desks, the school features open learning studios. Many old time staples such as chalkboards, projectors, and even books have been replaced with smartboards and tablets. The usual hallway space for lockers is out, but new collaborative center lockers are in.

Collaborative Center Lockers Throughout The School

Lockers no longer stretch long lengths of the hallways, but they are far from obsolete. Students may have fewer textbooks to haul around these days, but a place to secure personal belongings is still necessary. Lyon worked directly with the architect to help design the collaborative center lockers within the learning studios throughout the school. While they are not typical corridor lockers, they are everywhere.

Lyon Collaborative Center Lockers Blue          Lyon Collaborative Center Lockers Orange          Lyon Collaborative Center Lockers Purple

These new Collaborative Centers use shorter lockers, complete with a large work surface on top. Students can work on projects together without giving up floor space. Without the need to store so many textbooks, these narrow lockers provide plenty of space for securing the personal items.  The athletic locker rooms for P.E. and after school sports still use traditional sized lockers.

The architects for this project took full advantage of Lyon’s Premier Colors and custom colors to make each section of the school unique and stand out.

Lyon Collaborative Center Lockers North Ridgeville Academic Center

Finished Studio Common Area Photo by The Chronicle-Telegram

As new schools and learning centers are designed and built, Lyon’s Steel Lockers will always be a standard to accommodate secure storage for personal items and equipment.

You can view even more Lyon Lockers. You can also contact Lyon and get a quote for your locker project today!

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