Lyon 48-inch-wide cabinets are the perfect size for your storage needs. A 4-foot-wide storage cabinet offers ample space to fit a variety of items. These metal cabinets with doors are available with shelves or bins. Some are also available with Clearview doors. Combination cabinets include a coat rod for hanging clothes as well as half-width shelves. It is a combination of a shelf cabinet and a wardrobe cabinet. We have 48-inch-wide storage cabinets in both our all-welded line and our 1000 series line.

All-Welded Industrial Metal Storage Cabinets

We make these industrial 48-inch-wide cabinets from 14-gauge steel. Each shelf offers a payload capacity of 1,450 lbs per shelf. All shelves adjust on 3-inch centers. The rugged handle includes a padlock hasp so you can secure it. Use 48″ wide storage cabinets with bins for storing small items such as assembly hardware or small supplies. The plastic bins clip on and off racks easily. View more Industrial Metal Storage Cabinets.

Metal Office Storage Cabinets

The 1000 Series 48-inch-wide cabinets offer contemporary styling with rounded front corners. These 48″ wide cabinets with doors are durable while still being affordable. Most shelves can even hold up to 325 lbs. All shelves adjust on 2-inch centers. The 3-point door locking system includes a chrome plated handle and a key lock with 2 keys so you can secure it. The “Quiet Door” feature reduces noise when opening and closing the doors. Our office wardrobe cabinets include a full-width shelf for storage and a coat rod for hanging garments. View more Metal Office Storage Cabinets.