3-Foot Social Distancing Barrier 36″w x 74″h

3-Foot Social Distancing Barrier 36″w x 74″h


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Lyon’s 3-foot social distancing barrier adds protection while helping to enforce social distancing standards. Easily add these to any business to increase the safety of both customers and staff. Improve the social distancing standards in a matter of minutes. Perfect for retail stores, restaurants, and banks looking to protect employees and patrons. Lyon has the products to make sure you can keep people safe. The vinyl will help prevent the spread of airborne germs. Create a physical barrier between people for their safety.

The 3-foot social distancing barrier features a 74-inch tall metal frame. The frame has a durable black paint finish. The durable vinyl screen comes in either clear or semi-transparent. You can use clear vinyl when privacy is not an issue. Otherwise get semi-transparent if you need privacy. This option is great for either banks or medical offices. The vinyl is easy to clean and disinfect. Use each partition alone or easily join two or more together. Join social distancing dividers together to create corners, angles, or longer straight lines.

Our 3-foot social distancing barrier comes with either a stationary base or casters. The 20-inch-deep base ensures stability in areas with lots of activity. Choosing the 2-inch-high casters allow you to easily move the social distance barrier around where you need it. Rolling barriers also make it easy to clean the surrounding area. Roll them away and then roll them back when done. Our social distancing partitions include all assembly hardware. These units are packaged for easy shipment as well as storage when not in use.

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Overall Dimensions 36"w x 74"h
Quantity per Package 1 Partition


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