11 Drawer Modular Cabinet with 192 Compartments Extra Wide Eye-Level Height


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The 6845301006I modular drawer cabinet provides you with the highest density storage for small to medium sized items. You can even use these industrial modular cabinets as high density tool storage for an auto repair shop. Reduce your storage footprint by as much as 50%. Neat storage increases efficiency. Lyon industrial storage cabinets with drawers are the most reliable in the industry.

We start our 6845301006I modular drawer cabinet with a rugged, reinforced base. This will let these industrial metal drawer cabinets take full advantage of our heavy-duty drawers. These industrial storage drawer cabinets have a wide base opening for forklift access. This allows you to move your heavy-duty drawer cabinet when needed. The removable base panel covers up the forklift base for a clean look when not being moved. We include knock-out holes on the top, back, and sides. You can use them for either stacking cabinets or for securing rows together.

The 11 drawers of the 6845301006I modular drawer cabinet feature double wall construction. These industrial storage drawers come with heavy-duty glides. They can hold up to 400 lbs. Drawers fully extend to provide a view of all items when pulled open. Choose from 2 access options on your cabinet. Multiple drawer access allows quick access to several drawers at once. Single drawer access allows only one open at a time. Easily secure all the drawers at one time by adding our standard lock. Each drawer handle includes removable labels and shields. Make it so that you can quickly identify the items inside of a drawer.

Drawer Layout Kits Included

The 6845301006I modular drawer cabinet comes with drawer layout kits. The layout kits will create a total of 192 compartments in the high density drawer storage cabinet. The slotted partitions can be secured to the bottom of the drawer. The drawer dividers can be easily moved so you can create the best layout for your stored items. When your storage needs change so does your Lyon storage solution. The dividers for industrial storage drawers have a flanged top. This is a great place to put a label so workers know where parts or items are.

Our 6845301006I modular drawer cabinet is an eye-level height extra wide cabinet. This means it will match other modular cabinets with those sizes. This is Lyon’s building block approach. Easily build a complete storage solution of items that match in heights and widths. Scale up our items to match your needs.

You can choose both a cabinet color and a drawer color on your industrial drawer unit. Either match your cabinet and drawers or pick 2 colors. Our durable powder coat paint finish will help protect your modular storage cabinets from everyday use. Lyon makes these industrial drawer cabinets in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified.

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Made in the USA Icongreenguard Certified Product Icon
Overall Dimensions 44-3/8"w x 28-1/4"d x 59-1/4"h
Number Of Drawers 11 Drawers
Number Of Compartments 192 Compartments
Capacity 400 lbs Per Drawer
Includes Layout Kits
Forklift Base
Removable Base Closure Panels
Anchoring Hardware


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