Adjustable Workbench Open Panel Legs – 2 Pack

  • Features 12″ range height adjustment
  • Durable Dove Gray powder coat finish
  • Comes in a 2 pack of open panel legs
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$189.99$212.49 per Unit


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Crafted for versatility and durability, these adjustable workbench open panel legs are the ideal solution for creating a customized workspace that suits your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re setting up a workstation in a bustling manufacturing facility, a DIY corner in your garage, or anywhere in between, these legs offer unmatched adaptability. These legs are compatible with various workbench tops, such as Steel, Hardwood, and Shop Tops, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

With an impressive 12-inch height range, these open panel workbench legs provide flexibility. Tailor your workbench so that it is at the perfect ergonomic height. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enhanced productivity. Crafted from heavy-duty steel, these workbench legs are designed to endure the demands of industrial and professional environments. They offer exceptional stability, ensuring your workbench remains secure even under heavy loads.

The minimum height for the adjustable workbench legs without a top is 30.5″ while the maximum height is 42.5″. The adjustable legs slide up and down and bolt in place. You can adjust them in 1″ increments. Each leg has a hole in the foot plate to anchor your workbench to the floor.

The adjustable legs are made of galvanized steel to resists corrosion. All the other steel components feature our Dove Gray powder coat paint finish. Adjustable workbench open panel legs come in our Dove Gray finish. The powder coat paint finish will stand up to everyday use.

Upgrade your workspace with our adjustable workbench open panel legs. Experience the convenience of customization and the durability that can withstand any task. Elevate your productivity and comfort – order now so you can enjoy a workspace tailored to your needs.

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Overall Dimensions DD232758 - 30"d x 30.5"h (min) - 30"d x 42.5"h (max)
DD232759 - 36"d x 30.5"h (min) - 36"d x 42.5"h (max)
Quantity per Package 2 Open Panel Legs
Includes Open Panel Legs (x2)


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