Divider For Old Style 36″ Wide Modular Drawers In Shelving

  • Used to subdivide an old style 36″w modular drawer in 8000 series shelving
  • Constructed of aluminum to resist corrosion
  • Made in the USA
  • Clearance Item. Prices are final. Quantities are limited.
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Unlock the full potential of your 36″ wide Lyon Modular Drawers in the 8000 Series Shelving with our Aluminum Dividers. These dividers for old style modular drawers in shelving are expertly designed to bring a new level of organization and efficiency to your storage space.

Our aluminum dividers are for use with old style 36″ wide modular drawers in 8000 series shelving. This means you can create precise compartments for your tools, parts, or supplies, optimizing your storage and access. We craft these dividers from high-quality aluminum so that they last. They can withstand the demands of industrial and commercial environments, offering long-term durability.

Installing these dividers is a straightforward process, allowing you to transform your storage system in no time. With the ability to divide your drawers into sections, you’ll maximize your space utilization and ensure that every item has its designated spot. Whether you’re using Lyon modular drawers in a workshop, warehouse, or any other setting, our aluminum dividers enhance your drawer’s efficiency and organization.

Not sure if these dividers work with your modular drawers in shelving? First make sure that your modular drawers are 36″ wide. Secondly, make sure that your shelving is Lyon 8000 series shelving. This industrial shelving uses T-Post uprights.

Elevate your storage and organizational capabilities with Lyon’s aluminum dividers. Experience the ease and convenience of finding your tools and items with precision. Order now so you can optimize your storage system for peak performance.

NOTE: We have discontinued this item. Clearance prices are final and do not qualify for further discount. Quantities are limited.

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