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18″d x 85″h 2000 Series Closed Steel Shelving Beaded Post End Upright Assembly – 1 Pack


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Lyon 2000 series steel shelving offers a complete storage solution for everything from basic backroom storage to integrated warehouse applications. Easily add to your closed industrial steel shelving with a J1074681 beaded post end upright assembly. The beaded closed steel shelving uprights offer clear access to items on the shelving. Our 2000 series shelving design makes it easy to either change or add to your storage solution. As your storage needs change, so does your shelving. Lyon has been the shelving industry standard for over a century.

Each J1074681 beaded post end upright assembly consists of 1 side panel and 1 beaded post and 1 angle post welded together to form one assembly. Using steel shelving post upright assemblies instead of individual boltless shelving components makes assembly fast and easy. Lyon roll forms the metal shelf uprights from 14-gauge steel. We make the side panel from 24-gauge steel. Using welded boltless shelving uprights will help to stabilize closed metal shelving units. This end upright assembly fits 18-inch-deep 2000 Series closed steel shelving. An end upright assembly should be used either on the ends of a row of 2000 series shelving or on a standalone section of industrial metal shelving.

We stock the 2000 series J1074681 beaded post end upright assembly in our Dove Gray powder coat paint finish. The powder coat finish will help protect your steel shelving parts from everyday use. Closed shelving units are used for applications where stored materials require added protection. If you have 2000 series open shelving, you can convert it to closed shelving using a welded upright assembly instead of the side sway braces. Lyon proudly makes their 2000 series boltless shelving parts in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified.

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Overall Dimensions 18"d x 85"h
Quantity per Package 1 Welded Beaded Post Closed End Upright Assembly


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