Mobile Base and Handle Kit for Modular Cabinets

  • Comes with a handle to help steer your mobile cabinet
  • Includes two 6″ fixed casters and two 6″ swivel casters with brakes
  • Made in the USA
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$360.88$421.67 per Unit

SKU: MDC Caster Kit


Instantly turn your modular cabinet into a mobile cabinet with our mobile base and caster kit! We offer a caster kit for modular cabinets without a base as well as with a forklift base. Creating a metal cart with drawers is ideal in either an auto repair shop or car dealership service department. Lyon mobile cabinets are the most reliable in the industry.


Our mobile base and caster kit includes 2 fixed casters and 2 swivel casters. The swivel casters also include a foot activated brake. These heavy-duty casters feature a polyolefin caster tread that is easy on your floors. Kits for modular cabinets without a base include a caster plate assembly to attach the casters in pairs. Cabinets with a forklift base include the casters to attach individually to each corner.

NOTE: Verify the style of your cabinet base before ordering a mobile base kit.

The 5″ diameter casters offers a total payload capacity of 2,600 lbs and increase the cabinet housing height by 4-1/2 inches. The 6″ diameter casters offer a total capacity of 2,800 lbs and increase the cabinet housing height by 5 inches.


The mobile base and caster kit includes a handle. This 18-gauge tubular handle makes it easy to steer your mobile cabinet around your facility. The  steel handle can mount to either side of the cabinet. Assembly is easier when attaching the handle to the left side of the cabinet. This kit includes hardware to attach the handle to the cabinet. Select one of our standard colors for your handle to match your cabinet. The durable powder coat finish will help this mobile base handle stand up to years of use! The rubber end caps also ensure the handle will not snag on your skin or clothes.

Cabinet Heights and Safety

Lyon uses this same kit on our bench and mid-range height modular mobile cabinets. These mobile base kits can also be added to one of our shorter desk or table height cabinets. In the interest of safety, Lyon recommends that casters not be added to cabinets taller than 37-3/16 inches high. We also recommend your secure or locking all cabinet drawers while the cabinet is in motion. Drawers of an unlocked mobile cabinet can potentially open on unlevel surfaces and result in a cabinet tipping.

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Includes Handle and fastening hardware
2 fixed casters
2 swivel casters with brakes
NOTE: Not recommended for modular cabinets taller than 37-3/16"h


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