Galvanized Steel Shelf for 23″w x 18″d Safety Storage Cabinets

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Galvanized Steel Shelf for 23″w x 18″d Safety Storage Cabinets


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Increase your storage with the N5476 galvanized steel shelf for Lyon’s safety storage cabinets. While most safety cabinets include a shelf or two, adding extra shelves will help you organize and store even more items. These 23-1/4″w x 18″d shelves provide ideal storage space for solvents and cleaning agents as well as oily or greasy parts. The smooth surface of this shelf easily wipes clean in the event of any spills. The galvanized steel features a protective zinc coating that helps prevent rust as well as corrosion. Depending on the cabinet size, these shelves can hold small cans up to 5 gallon pails all in one safety cabinet.

Each heavy-duty ribbed N5476 galvanized steel shelf delivers a load capacity of 350 lbs per shelf. The ribs will collect any fluids that leak out of containers. Your stored items then won’t sit in puddles when leaks occur. Easily adjust these safety cabinet shelves on 3-inch centers to create the ideal height for your products. Shelves don’t require any clips or extra hardware. When your storage needs change so does your safety storage cabinet. Lyon proudly makes these galvanized steel shelves in the USA!

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Overall Dimensions 23-1/4"w x 18"d
Quantity per Package 1 Galvanized Steel Shelf
Capacity 350 lbs per Shelf
Use With The Following Safety Cabinets
Flammable Storage Cabinets 74R5473 and 74R5474
Pesticides Storage Cabinet 30R5773


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