Pallet Rack Upright Concrete Wedge Anchor


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You can use the Lyon pallet rack upright concrete wedge anchor to secure column posts. Each wedge style anchor measures 1/2-inch diameter and 3-3/4-inch long. Each anchor comes complete with a washer and a nut. Install by drilling a hole into your concrete floor and hammering the anchors into the floor. While you tighten the bolt, the anchor expands in the hole to secure it. Make sure you are using the right size and type of drill bits when installing your racking anchors. Lyon pallet rack has holes in the footplates that are sized to fit a 1/2-inch diameter concrete anchor.

Besides using a pallet rack upright concrete wedge anchor to secure Lyon pallet rack uprights, you can use them to bolt the pallet rack guard to the floor. We strongly recommend that you anchor your pallet racks to the floor and or wall of your warehouse or facility. Please make sure that your pallet racking is level and plumb before anchoring to ensure it is safe and secure. A pallet rack that you have not anchored can easily tip over if not level. This can cause severe injuries to your workers.

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