Recessed Trim for Lockers

  • Used to cover rough wall opening around recessed lockers
  • Constructed from steel with a powder coat paint finish
  • Made in the USA
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SKU: Recessed Trim

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Give Your Lyon Lockers a Sleek, Streamlined Look

Transform your locker system from utilitarian to elegant with Lyon’s recessed trim. This meticulously crafted trim conceals rough wall openings, providing a seamless, polished finish that elevates any space.

Crafted from robust 18-gauge formed steel, these recessed trim pieces seamlessly blend into your locker system. The 3″ wide face masks uneven walls, leaving only a clean, crisp line in its wake. Bolted directly to your locker frames, the recessed trim guarantees a secure, long-lasting fit. No more wrestling with flimsy covers or dealing with unsightly gaps.

Top recessed trim pieces come in convenient 60″ lengths, allowing you to customize the coverage for your specific locker configuration. The included splice caps ensure effortless joining, preserving that streamlined aesthetic. End trim pieces stand 3″ taller than your lockers, gracefully overlapping the top trim and creating a flawless joint at the corners. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a truly polished look.

Lyon’s recessed trim isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about maximizing space and creating a more inviting environment. Say goodbye to bulky locker protrusions and hello to a streamlined, sophisticated space that inspires and impresses.

PDQ Locker Program

Lyon recessed trim is part of our PDQ locker program. Our PDQ program lets you get our most popular locker sizes and tiers in your choice of 10 colors. They come with the same great features of our standard steel lockers. All of this and shipped directly to you faster than our made to order lockers. The doors and frames will be in a powder coat paint finish of your choice while the body parts will be our standard Putty finish. The durable paint finish will help your new lockers stand up to everyday use. In order to get your order out as quick as possible, please keep your PDQ locker order to one color choice.

Order your recessed trim today and experience the transformative power of meticulous design.

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Overall Dimensions 3" Wide Trim
Gauge 18 Gauge


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