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Add a slender wide 0D layout kit to your modular drawers to keep either your small parts or tools organized. Create a storage system for parts or hardware with an industrial drawer organizer. Use a layout kit as a tool drawer organizer and turn your Lyon modular drawer cabinet into a tool cabinet. The Lyon modular drawer is so versatile because your adjustable drawer organizer changes when your needs change.

Lyon’s slender wide 0D kit can divide your modular drawer into 8 compartments. This small parts organizer fits slender wide modular drawers. We have layout kits for all heights of our slender wide modular drawers. Use the Drawer Height Guide so you can pick the correct layout kit height needed for your drawer.

The slender wide 0D kit comes with 1 partition. A slotted partition runs either side to side or front to back in a drawer. It secures with screws to the bottom of the drawer. This keeps it from shifting around. Both sides have slots so that dividers can easily slide in.

The slender wide 0D shop drawer organizer also comes with 6 dividers. You can use a divider to sub-divide compartments that are made by partitions. Dividers slide securely into place into the slots on the partitions. You can easily move dividers or remove them when you need to. This lets you fit different sized objects stored inside the same drawer. This is part of the building block approach to Lyon’s modular cabinets.

The slender wide 0D drawer storage organizer comes in a galvanized finish. This helps protect your workbench drawer organizer from corrosion. Lyon proudly makes their modular drawer organizer kits in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified.

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Made in the USA Icongreenguard Certified Product Icon
Overall Dimensions 22"w x 28-1/4"d
Number Of Compartments 8 Compartments
Includes 1 Partition
6 Dividers


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