Two-Tone Color Option

  • Adds a secondary color to the small door and bulk lockup front
  • Can be added to Command Gear or Victory Lockers
  • Add ONE upcharge per order
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$500.00 per Unit

SKU: Two-Tone


Elevate your locker aesthetics with Lyon’s Two-Tone Color option! Enhance the visual appeal of your locker room with Lyon’s innovative Two-Tone Color option, available for our Command Gear and Victory Lockers. This unique customization feature allows you to choose a second color for the small compartment door and bulk lockup door, distinct from the main body of the locker. The result is a striking, dual-color design that adds a touch of style and sophistication to your locker setup.

With the Two-Tone Color option, you have the creative freedom to select colors that align with your brand identity or complement your existing locker room. Whether you aim to create a bold contrast or a subtle blend, Lyon’s customizable approach ensures that your lockers stand out while seamlessly integrating into your environment.

Opting for the Two-Tone Color option is both cost-effective and convenient. With just a single upcharge per order, you can achieve a remarkable visual impact that transforms ordinary lockers into functional works of art.

NOTE: Lockers should be ordered in the main color desired with the Two-Tone color being the secondary color for the door fronts. Only add one Two-Tone color upcharge per order. 

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Second color option is applied to small compartment and bulk lockup doors only


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