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Lyon’s Architects Page

Your go-to page for additional information. Lyon has everything you need for your project. Product specifications and elevation drawings can be used for various products. ADA Guides, LEED information, and Lyon’s Premier Color Chart is also available.


Lockers Standard Duty
Lockers Heavy Duty Corridor
Lockers Heavy Duty
Lockers All-Welded
Lockers All-Welded Extreme
Lockers Heavy Duty Ventilated
Lockers Collegiate
Lockers Police Valor Locker
Lockers TA-50’s
Lockers ExchangeMaster
Lockers CSI doc Standard
Lockers CSI doc Heavy Duty
Locker Benches
Locker Maintenance

Shelving and Rack
Rack – Bulk Storage Rack
Shelving 8000 Series – Shelf Loading Capacities
Shelving 8000 Series – T-Post
Shelving 8000 Series – Wire Shelves

Modular Drawer Cabinets
Storage Cabinets – 1000 Series
Storage Cabinets – All Welded 1100 Series
Storage Cabinets – Visible Storage Cabinet

Elevation Drawings

Steel Lockers
Ventilated Steel Lockers
ExchangeMaster Lockers

Storage Cabinets
All-Welded Storage
Economical Storage
Safety Storage

Modular Drawer Cabinets
22″ Slender Wide Cabinets
30″ Standard Wide Cabinets
36″ Medium Wide Cabinets
45″ Extra Wide Cabinets
60″ Double Wide Cabinets
Overhead Units
Shelf Units
Mobile Cabinets
Weapons Storage Cabinets
Modular Drawers in 30″w Shelving
Workbench Concepts

Color Chart

Lyon Premier Color Chart


ADA Locker Compliance Guide
Locker Parts Guide

Going Green

LEED Going Green

Product Updates

Product Update – Standard Lockers


Product specifications, elevations, and more are available for download to include in your architects submittals. Assembly instructions for lockers, cabinets, shelving, and more can be found on our Assembly Instructions page.

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Lyon’s goal is to stay the market leader in each of our served markets by providing high quality, innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly products. We also add value to these products by providing unmatched customer service through our commitment to customer satisfaction. Lyon has committed to supporting our dealers, distributors and end users since 1901.

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