Bulk Storage Rack Beams

Get Rack Beams To Replace Damaged Ones

Our most versatile racking is the bulk storage rack. We offer bulk storage rack beams to help you either replace damaged ones or add to your current storage solution. As with uprights, if a rack beam gets damaged from either a forklift or misplaced load, it needs to get replaced. Using damaged beams is unsafe and will result in injury and falling items. Find beams in all our rack sizes to easily replace your beams so you can start using that rack section again. Lyon has been the racking industry standard for over a century.

Features of Bulk Storage Rack Beams

Lyon makes these heavy-duty rack beams from 14-gauge steel. Our unique Z beam design increases strength and load capacity. The design also helps reduce wasted space from front-to-back. Lyon MIG welds the clips to the beam. The 3 prongs easily slide into the slots on the ends of the uprights. You can use the fold in lock tab to protect against displacement. We stock rack beams in our standard Dove Gray finish. The powder coat paint will help protect your storage racks from everyday use.

Lyon also has an extra heavy-duty and low-profile versions of these bulk storage rack beams. The extra heavy-duty has our Z design. The low-profile is a narrow beam for more vertical storage space. Contact Us if you are interested in ordering these rack beams.

We strongly recommend that you securely tie the beams together with front-to-back supports. This will help ensure your beams do not rotate under heavy loads. You can also use them to support plywood decking. Check out our Bulk Storage Rack Parts for supports for your storage racks. We also have other decking options available online.

Lyon makes the all-welded bulk storage rack beams in the USA. Looking for levels with decking? Check out Lyon’s full line of Bulk Storage Rack Components.