Built-In Locker Locks

Lyon offers a variety of built-in locker locks. Many are in stock and ready to ship right away. Most Lyon locker handles have padlock attachments for user provided padlocks. Sometimes you want a built-in option for an easier user experience. We offer built-in combination locks that work with either our lift handles or pull handles. Our flat key locks fit on both styles of handles and include two keys.

Combination Locks for Lockers

Lyon carries both Zephyr and Master Lock combination locks for lockers. You can quickly and easily install these with minimal tools. Designed to fit on doors with hinges on the right, you can install it in minutes. Combinations contain 3 digits and can be reset if need be. Lockers with built-in combination locks are standard in most schools.

Use the 1930 or 1630 with a lift handle. These school locker locks will fit directly into the steel recessed handle. The latch lifts with the handle and secures the door again when the handle is released.

The 1954 or 1654 built-in locker locks fit with a pull handle. Mounted directly onto the door, the spring latch fully retracts when unlocking the door. The tapered latch allows you to simply push the locker door closed and will automatically secure the door.

Contact Lyon if you require either extra keys, keyed alike options, or a master access key for your lockers with built-in key locks. Are you looking for other accessories such as slope top kits or closed bases? Check out our huge selection of Lyon Locker Hardware And Accessories available online.