9 Compartment Layout Kit C for 18″d 2000 Series Shelving with Drawers

  • Use layout kits to easily subdivide modular drawers
  • Fits Lyon’s 18″d modular drawers in shelving
  • Made in the USA
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$58.70$73.93 per Unit

SKU: 18 Deep Kit C


Easily add Lyon’s 0C layout kit to your existing 18-inch-deep modular drawer! These adjustable drawer organizers are specially made to fit with our 2000 series metal shelving with drawers. Each of the partitions and dividers install easily to create 9 separate spaces within your drawer. Adding this kit to your tool drawer helps keep your small parts and tools organized.

Partitions and Dividers

Each 0C layout kit includes both partitions and dividers to create 9 compartments. The two slotted partitions run front to back in the drawer. The partitions secure into place with screws in the bottom of the drawer. This keeps the slotted interlocking drawer organizers from shifting or moving. The six adjustable dividers slide easily into the slots of the partitions and sides of the drawer. You can also rearrange or remove dividers of the 0C layout kit. Adjust the dividers to create a perfectly sized space for your tools or parts. The flanged tab at the top of the divider provides an ideal place to label the contents of the drawer. The Lyon 0C layout kit is so versatile because your metal drawer organizer changes as your needs change.

We make both the partitions and dividers out of steel with a galvanized finish. This helps protect your metal drawer organizer layout kits from corrosion. The 0C layout kit is available in four different heights to match your modular drawer. Expand your storage options even more by adding more Accessories And Dividers to your layout kit. Lyon proudly makes their modular drawer organizers in the USA.

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Number Of Compartments 9 Compartments
Includes 2 Partitions
6 Dividers


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