Bin Divider for All-Welded Storage Cabinet Small Plastic Bins

Model # NF78223

This 78223 plastic bin divider for small  plastic bin can further subdivide your bins and help maximize inventory control. The notched sides allow the divider to slide easily into the slots of the plastic bin for a precise fit. Dividers run front to back in the small plastic bins subdividing them into halves. You can use only 1 divider per storage cabinet plastic bin. You can quickly and easily add or move 78223 plastic bin dividers to create precise storage space for your small parts. As your storage needs change so does your Lyon storage solution.

The black plastic finish is impervious to moisture, grease, and oils. This makes them perfect for organizing either small parts or industrial hardware. Items that might have been used in industrial equipment. This divider fits with Lyon’s Safety Yellow Small Plastic Bin for all-welded cabinets. We also offer a Bin Dividers for the large plastic bin. You can find plastic bins in different styles of Lyon all-welded storage cabinets. These include deep door storage cabinets and maintenance centers. Bins works with either standard bin cabinets or combination bin cabinets.

78223 Bin Divider Features

  • Fits in Small Plastic Bin
  • Available in Black
  • Corrosion Resistant

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Lyon small plastic bin divider NF78223 inside bin NF78222
Divide Bins

Divider fits snugly bin notches to create two compartments

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