Adjustable Workbench with Painted Steel Top

  • Features a heavy-duty steel leg structure
  • Offers a height adjustment range of 12″
  • Durable painted steel top
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Transform your workspace into a powerhouse of productivity with our adjustable workbench with painted steel top. Crafted to meet the demands of even the toughest tasks, this workbench combines rugged durability with versatility, making it an essential addition to any industrial setting. Our workbench is ideal for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to manufacturing facilities, workshops, laboratories, maintenance and repair shops, warehouses, and garages.

Workbench Features

Built to last, our adjustable workbench with painted steel top features a solid steel frame and legs, ensuring stability and durability even under heavy loads. Its design allows it to hold up to 2,200 lbs for 60″ wide models and 1,700 lbs for the 72″ wide models. The open panel legs are joined together with a stringer.

Customize the workbench height to your preference or specific task requirements. The Adjustable Legs provide 12″ of flexibility for various users and applications. The minimum height for the adjustable workbench with painted steel top is 32.25″ while the maximum height is 44.25″. The adjustable legs slide up and down and bolt in place. You can adjust them in 1″ increments.

The rugged Steel Worktop provides a tough and surface that can endure heavy-duty use. With ample workspace, you can spread out your tools, materials, and projects, enhancing efficiency and organization.

The adjustable legs are made of galvanized steel to resists corrosion. All the other steel components feature our Dove Gray powder coat paint finish. This will help your adjustable workbench with painted steel top stand up to every day use. Assembly is easy and we include all the necessary hardware so you can get to work quickly. Each leg has a hole in the foot plate to anchor your workbench to the floor.

Workbench Accessories

Our accessories for the adjustable workbench with painted steel top are designed to optimize your workspace and elevate your efficiency. The Locking Drawer adds convenience by providing a secure and easily accessible storage solution for tools and small items. The Lower Shelf expands your storage capabilities, keeping larger items within reach and decluttering your work surface. The Riser creates an extra tier for added workspace or display, making it ideal for projects that require extra room. Back And End Stops offer essential safety, keeping items from rolling or falling off the workbench, so you can focus on your tasks with peace of mind. Together, these accessories enhance the functionality of your industrial workbench, ensuring you have the tools you need in arms reach.

Upgrade your workspace with our adjustable workbench with painted steel top. Built to stand up to the rigors of industrial use, this workbench offers a durable and versatile solution for all your projects. Enhance productivity and organization – order now and experience the difference for yourself.

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Overall Dimensions DD232502A - 60"w x 30"d
DD232503A - 60"w x 36"d
DD232504A - 72"w x 30"d
DD232505A - 72"w x 36"d
Assembly Unassembled
Capacity 60"w Models - 2,200 lbs
72"w Models - 1,700 lbs
Includes Painted Steel Top (x1)
Stringer (x1)
Adjustable Open Panel Legs 2 Pack (x1)
Overall Height Range 32.25" to 44.25" (adjusts on 1" increments)


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SKU Size Workbench Top Adjustable Legs Stringer
DD232502A 60″w x 30″d DD232767 DD232758 DD232651
DD232503A 60″w x 36″d DD232768 DD232759 DD232651
DD232504A 72″w x 30″d DD232769 DD232758 DD232652
DD232505A 72″w x 36″d DD232770 DD232759 DD232652