Bulk Storage Rack Level with Front-to-Back Supports

  • Beams feature 14-gauge all-welded steel construction
  • Front-to-back supports help minimize beam rotation
  • Made in the USA
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Easily expand your storage options when you add another level with front-to-back supports to your existing Lyon bulk storage rack. Lyon’s bulk storage rack is ideal for the hand-loading of intermediate weight bulky items. You can use these heavy-duty industrial racks in any number of storage applications. In addition to storing merchandise in shipping and receiving departments, stores can use these bulk shelving units in retail locations for display as well as for back stock. Hospitals can also use this bulk rack shelving to hold medical supplies and much more. An additional rack level lets you easily either add to or change up your current storage solution. When your storage needs change, so does your Lyon bulk storage rack.

Bulk Storage Rack Beams

Each bulk storage rack level with front-to-back supports includes two heavy-duty beams. The unique “Z” design of the beam increases both the strength and load capacity of the level. Lyon constructs these racking beams from 14-gauge steel. The beam clips are MIG welded for added strength. The design of these beams also resists tipping. Each beam features a fold in lock tab to protect against displacement. The three studs on the beam ends easily engage the slotted holes of the uprights.

Front-to-Back Supports

The bulk storage rack level with front-to-back supports includes either one or two supports depending on the overall beam width. Levels that are 48-inch or 60-inch wide include one support while 72-inch and 96-inch levels include two supports. Each support installs easily with no hardware. The support will help minimize beam rotation when supporting heavy loads. This will maintain both the rigidity and stability of the heavy-duty storage racks. Front-to-back supports can also be used as a support to hold plywood decking.

The bulk storage rack level with front-to-back supports comes in a Dove Gray powder coat paint finish. The powder coat paint finish will help protect your steel storage rack from everyday use.

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Quantity per Package 1 Level with Front-to-Back Supports
Capacity Capacity per Level:
48" Wide - 3,300 lbs
60" Wide - 2,600 lbs
72" Wide - 1,900 lbs
96" Wide - 1,650 lbs


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