Concrete Wedge Anchors for Aluminum Bench Pedestals

  • While you tighten the bolt, the anchor expands to secure it
  • Each anchor comes complete with a washer and a nut
  • Securely anchor your bench with aluminum pedestals to the floor
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$29.77$30.82 per Unit

SKU: Wedge Anchors


Turn any locker room bench with aluminum pedestals into a fixed bench with these concrete wedge anchors. The anchor bolts measure 3/8″w x 2-1/4″d. When installing these anchors, we recommend using a hammer drill with a masonry bit. Make sure you use the right size bit so that the anchors expand when you tighten the nut. Hammer the anchor into the drilled hole and as you tighten the nut, the anchor expands and secures the aluminum bench legs to the floor.

A 4 pack of concrete wedge anchors is perfect for any locker bench with 2 aluminum pedestals. This is most school benches between 3-feet and 8-feet in length. The 6 pack is for benches with 3 aluminum locker room bench pedestals. This is most locker benches 9-feet in length or longer. You can find our aluminum locker room bench legs on either our all aluminum bench or with our hardwood bench top.

Please note that the metal bench supports are not included with these concrete wedge anchors. We do offer replacement aluminum bench pedestals online if you need them. Check out either our 2 Pack or 3 Pack of aluminum bench legs. If you are looking to make your aluminum bench pedestals moveable, we also offer Rubber Feet.

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Quantity per Package 4 Concrete Anchors
Pedestal Material Fits Aluminum Pedestal


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