2000 Series 36″w x 24″d x 85″h Closed Steel Shelving Beaded Post Add-On with 5 Shelves

  • Supports up to 800 lbs per shelf
  • 5 shelves are adjustable in 1-1/2″ increments
  • Made in the USA
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Instantly create more vertical storage space with Lyon’s 2000 Series JDP3060 closed steel shelving add-on unit. This 3 foot shelving unit is ideal for steel shelving either against a wall or back-to-back for rows of shelving. Enclosed metal shelving units are ideal for economical, general purpose storage. This 5 shelf metal shelving unit offers great storage space for light parts and aerosols as well as heavier items like tools or safety supplies. Our tall closed shelving unit is ideal for use as either a warehouse or commercial metal shelving unit. We offer our industrial steel shelving with a durable powder coat finish available in Dove Gray. The powder coat paint finish will help protect your steel shelving from everyday use.

Closed Shelving Upright and Back Panel

Each JDP3060 closed steel shelving add-on includes one beaded post intermediate upright assembly. An intermediate upright assembly consists of one front beaded post upright and two rear angle post upright with a spot welded 24-gauge steel side panel. Using upright assemblies instead of individual components makes assembly fast and easy. Using beaded posts in the front offers clear shelf access to items stored on the shelf. Lyon roll forms the post uprights from 14-gauge steel for extra strength. The 24-gauge steel back panel helps prevent lateral sway. Both the side and back panels give this steel shelving unit the support and stability it needs.

Adjustable Steel Shelves

The JDP3060 closed steel shelving add-on includes 5 heavy-duty shelves Our 20-gauge heavy-duty are ideal for storing heavier items such as tool boxes and large parts. The patented box design of our industrial metal shelves provides added strength in both the front and rear of the shelf. The lapped and welded corners provide extra strength and durability.

Each shelf also includes four shelf clips. Simply set the clips at the desired height and set your shelves in place of your JDP3060 closed steel shelving. Easily adjust the shelf clips on 1-1/2-inch vertical centers. Since the clips install without tools it’s easy to adjust your shelf spacing when your storage needs change.

Assembly and Installation

The JDP3060 closed shelving add-on ships unassembled. This 5 shelf steel shelving unit assembles easily in the field.

NOTE: This add-on unit must connect with a starter unit.

Please view the JDP3057 Closed Shelving Starter if you need a starter unit. Together with a starter, add-ons let you build rows of industrial metal shelving.

Lyon strongly recommends that each steel shelving unit be properly anchored. Make sure to install your 5 tier metal shelf plumb and level before anchoring it to the floor and/or wall. Use the Metal Foot Plate and a Concrete Wedge Anchor to anchor your uprights to the floor. Anchoring your shelving helps prevent tipping and allows you to take full advantage of the weight capacities.

Additional Shelves and Accessories

Expand your storage options further by adding extra Shelves to your JDP3060 closed steel shelving unit. Keep your shelving unit organized by adding Shelf Bins to keep small loose parts together. Easily add Label Holders to the front of each shelf to ensure items are placed back in their proper spot. This also helps inventory control to see when stock levels are running low.

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Overall Dimensions 36"w x 24"d x 85"h
Number Of Shelves 5 Heavy-Duty Shelves
Capacity 800 lbs Per Shelf
Gauge 20 Gauge Shelves
Starter Or Add On Add-On
Includes Welded Beaded Post Closed Intermediate Upright Assembly 24"d x 85"h - DDJ1085411 (x2)
Closed Back Panel 36"w x 85"h - DDJ1051951 (x1)36"w x 4"d Closed Front Base - DDJ1079321 (x1)
36"w x 24"d Heavy-Duty Shelf - DDJ1021221 (x5)


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