Modular Cabinet Shelf Unit with Doors Double Wide Counter Height

  • Swing door can be upgraded with a built-in lock
  • 1 shelf is adjustable on 3/4″ vertical centers
  • Made in the USA
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$2,515.52$2,550.84 per Unit

SKU: N49603010210

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The double wide N49603010210 modular cabinet shelf unit with doors provides additional storage space for items next to your existing Lyon modular drawer cabinets. This small closed shelf cabinet fits neatly next to your other counter height cabinets. A closed front cabinet allows you to easily secure items that do not fit as well into drawers. These small steel cabinets work great in auto shops or machine shops. You can also use them with a Lyon workbench to add more storage near your workstation. This storage unit with doors is perfect for storing either tools, drills, aerosols, or safety supplies.

You can choose from our most popular modular cabinet colors for your modular metal cabinets. Our durable powder coat paint finish will help protect your cabinets from harsh use. Lyon proudly makes these modular cabinets in the USA.

Cabinet Housing

Lyon makes the N49603010210 modular cabinet shelf unit with doors out of heavy-gauge steel. The reinforced base also creates a wide opening for forklift access. This forklift base allows you to easily move your modular storage cabinet when needed! These small metal cabinets are designed to be lifted by a standard forklift. Add the removable base cover panels for a clean look when the cabinet is in place. This cabinet also includes knock-out holes on the top, back, and sides of the housing cabinet. The back and side holes allow you to secure rows of industrial metal drawer cabinets together. Use the holes on top to stack cabinets on top of each other.

The N49603010210 modular cabinet shelf unit features two swing doors. A continuous hinge keeps each door in alignment. The doors open 180° and close flush. Magnetic door stops hold the doors closed when the cabinet is not in use. You can also add a lock to the right swing door for security. The two point keyed locking system includes secures the doors closed and includes two keys.

Cabinet Shelves

Each N49603010210 modular cabinet shelf unit with doors includes one adjustable shelf. Easily adjust this shelf on 3/4-inch vertical centers. It’s easy to adjust your shelf spacing when your storage needs change! An additional base shelf sets flush in the bottom of the cabinet. The 1-inch high raised edge on the sides and back of each shelf help keep small items from slipping between the shelf and the cabinet. The shelves of this modular storage cabinet can also hold lots of heavy items such as tools. Easily store as much as 400 lbs on each shelf!

Assembly and Installation

Lyon strongly recommends that the N49603010210 modular cabinet shelf unit with doors be securely anchored to the floor. Anchoring the base of your cabinet will help prevent tipping. Each cabinet includes a drilling template. The hardware to secure the rear legs of the industrial storage drawer cabinets is also included. Enhance the look of your modular storage unit by adding a Hardwood Top. Adding this top also protects the top of your cabinet from extra wear and tear.

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Overall Dimensions 59-5/8"w x 28-1/4"d x 44-1/4"h
Number Of Shelves 1 Adjustable Shelf
Capacity 400 lbs Per Shelf


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