White Plastic Sheet Drawer Liner

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Easily upgrade your modular drawers by adding a plastic drawer liner. This durable liner provides a finished look to the metal modular drawer bottom. This non-adhesive plastic liner has a smooth surface. This makes this plastic drawer liner ideal for drawers using dividers and partitions to keep stored items from shifting around. The smooth plastic will help prevent items stored from either scratches or scuffs. The liner is rigid so that it will stay in place as you open and close your drawers.

You can order a plastic drawer liner to fit each of our 5 sizes of modular drawer cabinets. We cut them so that they fit perfectly in the drawer bottom. Besides protecting the items you store in the drawer, the liner will help protect the drawer from paint chips. If items or tools are accidently dropped into the drawer it could damage the drawer. The white finish of the plastic drawer liner also helps seeing small items with a darker finish. If you are storing metal hardware in the drawer, the plastic will soften the sound of the hardware against the metal drawer bottom. The liner can also help stop the clattering sound of tools if you require a quiet atmosphere.

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Overall Dimensions 1/32"t x 25-3/8"d
Quantity per Package 1 White Plastic Sheet Liner