4 Drawer Modular Cabinet 1001 | Standard Wide – Desk Height

  • Each modular drawer can support up to 400 lbs
  • Options include drawer access type and adding a lock
  • Made in the USA
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The standard wide 2730301001 modular drawer cabinet offers you the highest density storage for your small to medium sized items. You can even use these industrial modular cabinets as high density tool storage for an auto repair shop. This industrial drawer unit can reduce your storage footprint by as much as 50%. Lyon industrial storage cabinets with drawers are the most reliable in the industry.

You can choose both a cabinet color and a drawer color for your 4 drawer cabinet. Our durable powder coat paint finish will help protect your cabinets from harsh use. Lyon proudly makes these modular storage cabinets in the USA.

Cabinet Housing

Our 2730301001 modular drawer cabinet starts with a steel cabinet housing. The reinforced base also creates a wide opening for forklift access. This forklift base allows you to easily move your heavy-duty drawer cabinet when needed! These industrial modular drawer cabinets are designed to be lifted, fully loaded (7,500 lbs. max), by a standard forklift. Add the removable base cover panels for a clean look when the cabinet is in place.

Each 2730301001 also includes knock-out holes on the top, back, and sides of the housing cabinet. The back and side holes allow you to secure rows of industrial metal drawer cabinets together. Use the holes on top to stack cabinets on top of each other.

Modular Drawers

The 2730301001 modular drawer cabinet features double-wall construction on the drawers. These industrial storage drawers slide open on smooth, steel glides. Each heavy-duty drawer can hold up to 400 lbs. All of the drawers fully extend to provide easy access to the entire contents of the drawer. The aluminum handles include rounded end caps and will withstand years of use. Each cabinet includes both removable labels and plastic shields for the handles. Label the contents of your drawers to improve picking efficiency as well as ensure items are returned to the proper space.

Drawer Layout Kits

The 2730301001 modular drawer cabinet is available with or without layout kits. For a quick, hassle free option choose the option to include layout kits. Pre-configured layout kits will be included with the cabinet to give you a total of 41 compartments. For a more customized option, select a cabinet with empty drawers and add your own Layout Kits. These steel partitions and dividers help split the drawer into smaller spaces. The partitions secure to the bottom of the drawer to keep the layout kit from shifting. The steel dividers slide into the slots of the partition as well as the sides of the drawer. Easily move or remove dividers to create the best layout for your stored items. A slight flange on the divider offers an ideal space for labeling each compartment. When your storage needs change, so can your industrial storage drawers!

Drawer Access and Lock Options

The 2730301001 modular drawer cabinet is available with your choice of access option. Choose multiple drawer access to allow several drawers to open at once. Single drawer access cabinets include a special lockbar that allows only one drawer to be opened at a time.

Cabinets can have the option of no lock. A non-locking option is best for cabinets within a secure room. A standard lock option is also available. Use this lock to quickly secure all the drawers closed at one time. Each lock includes two keys.

Installation and Accessories

Lyon strongly recommends that desk height cabinets be securely anchored to the floor. Anchoring the base of your cabinet will help prevent tipping. Each cabinet includes a drilling template. The hardware to secure the rear legs of the industrial storage drawer cabinets is also included.

Customize your layout kits to your exact needs by adding more Steel Dividers. Organize your extra small parts further when you add Plastic Bins. These small bins lift out and make ideal storage for small nuts or bolts. Enhance the look of your cabinet by adding a Hardwood Top. Adding this top also protects the top of your cabinet from extra wear and tear.

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Overall Dimensions 30"w x 28-1/4"d x 26-7/8"h
Number Of Drawers 4 Drawers
Number Of Compartments 41 Compartments When Layout Kits Are Included
Capacity 400 lbs Per Drawer
Includes Forklift Base
Removable Base Closure Panels
Anchoring Hardware


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